About Us

Backend Java Developer

I.T. and Software

Roles and Responsibility

  •  Identify issues affecting system performance or business values

  •  Develop performant, highly available, easy-to-maintain software to improve aspects of the system

  •  Gain knowledge of the business environment we’re operating in. The unbelievable complexity of the ecosystem drives the open internet.

  •  Understand our platform in-depth, troubleshoot production issues as they happen

  • Investigate new industry technologies, provide new ideas and innovative solutions for complicated engineering problems


  • 4 years of professional Java software development experience

  • 2 years of writing RESTful web services

  •  Expertise in database schema design, infrastructure, and SQL

  •  Experience with Spring and Spring Boot

  •  Experience with Unix/Linux environments

  •  Experience with Message Brokers (Kafka and/or any MQ implementation)

  •  Expertise in design patterns and functional programming

  • Familiar with containerization and in CI/CD paradigms including Docker + Kubernetes

  • Familiar with NoSQL databases

  •  Experience in unit testing and Behaviour-driven Design (BDD)