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Haryana- Israel Agreement on Water Management

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The agreement between the state of Haryana and Israel on water management was signed in October 2019. It is an ambitious project to improve the water management capabilities of Haryana, which is one of India’s most populous states. 


The project will help boost agricultural productivity by optimizing irrigation systems and increasing access to clean drinking water.


The project will involve collaboration between the Government of Haryana, Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare. 



The core goal is to introduce advanced Israeli water management techniques in India, such as conservation methods, water reuse systems, precision irrigation and desalination. The focus is on creating an efficient and sustainable water management system in Haryana. The project also aims to create high-tech Greenhouses for producing fruits and vegetables with limited water consumption.



The agreement also involves training 7,500 farmers in advanced agriculture technology and methods to conserve soil fertility and groundwater resources. The joint declaration was a significant milestone as India and Israel celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations.



  • The long-term aim of this project is to improve the availability and quality of water in Haryana and increase agricultural productivity. This could lead to enhanced economic growth and improved living standards for people across the state. 


  • The agreement will also help build bridges between India and Israel, which share similar challenges regarding water management.


  • This is an essential step towards improving the water management capabilities of Haryana and will set a benchmark for similar initiatives across India. 


  • The project has the potential to deliver long-term socio-economic benefits, which can have a positive effect on communities in the state.  It is an important milestone for both countries and could pave the way for a stronger and more sustainable partnership in the future.

  • The agreement is a testament to India and Israel's strong ties and commitment to addressing global challenges together. 


  • It will also help foster mutual understanding and collaboration, which can benefit both countries in the long term. This is an essential step towards building a resilient water management system in India, and its success will be watched by many.

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Wrapping Up:

This Haryana-Israel Agreement on Water Management is an essential step in the right direction toward improving water management in India. It can bring long-term economic and social benefits while fostering closer ties between the two countries. This could be a model for similar collaborations in the future.  It is an important initiative to improve water management not just in India but around the world.

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