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About Us

Established in 2012, the Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FIICC) South India is a non-government, industry-led and industry-managed organization, playing a proactive role in India’s development process and serves as a much-needed link between the business communities of South India and Israel. FIICC is the only bilateral Chamber of Commerce in South India, which is committed to the development of Indo-Israel business and trade relations

The major objective of FIICC South India is to promote Indo-Israel business, trade and economic relations. FIICC South India promotes bilateral trade, investment, and technology transfer, facilitates business collaborations, joint ventures, marketing tie-upsand strategic alliances through a set of proactive business-oriented initiatives. In particular, has established the following objectives:


  • Facilitate Israel-based SMEs to do business with India

  • Promote Environment-related trade between India and Israel 

  • Facilitate Israel Investments in India’s Real Estate sector 

  • Facilitate Joint Ventures to fulfill the Indo-Israeli Defense Offset needs 


In addition, the chamber will initiate debates and prepare issue based white papers on Indo-Israeli trade-related issues in the context of Double Taxation, Intellectual Property Rights, and Totalization Treaty.


FIICC South India will act as a catalyst for the sustainable growth of business between India and Israel. FIICC South India operational connectivity with a host of business in India and Israel in order to leverage each other’s capabilities for enhancing Indo-Israel business relations. The Chamber will continuously interact with the Indian and Israeli Governments and will provide them feedback on bilateral issues relating to trade and investment. In essence, FIICC South India also will act as a forum for its member companies to interact with senior functionaries of both the Governments.


FIICC South India members represent a wide spectrum of business and economic segments: manufacturing, exports, services and more. FIICC South India member companies are involved in a cross-section of business domains such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, consumer goods, electronics, IT, pharmaceuticals, consulting, travel and tourism, etc.

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