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Defence and Aerospace

Israeli Defense Industry

Over the next 3 years, the Israeli Defence industry is growing in leaps and bounds in domestic arms spending. Thanks to the talks between defense and finance ministry officials that include a whopping $1.4 billion budget supplement. The biggest problem plaguing the country is changing regional military challenges, which is why the extra spending is needed so the Israel Defence Forces can cope with this troubling issue. The extra money will go exclusively for weapons procurement, not for pensions or other budgets, marking a major increase in the 11 billion shekels now budgeted annually.


Elbit System, Israeli Military Industries, and Rafael are the much talked about BIG 3 in the Israeli defense market that comprises 75% of the sales adding up to $12 billion.


Indian Defense Industry

India has the 5th highest defense budgets in the world and is also the top arms importer as it purchases about 70% of its ammunition from abroad. The spending shot up 5.5% in 2017 to almost $64 billion. The country will reportedly spend $130 billion on military modernization in the next 5 years, as achieving self- reliance in defense production is a key target for the Government of India. Private sector participation is being encouraged to propel the force behind indigenous manufacturing. This move also makes it more convenient to facilitate strategic partnerships between Indian companies and foreign original equipment manufacturers.

Indo Israeli Defense Collaboration

It was back in the year 1992 when India and Israel established full diplomatic relations, and since the rapport between the countries economic, military, agricultural and political levels have flourished. Past Indo – Israeli Defence Collaborations:

  • In August 2016, Wipro acquired Givon that had an Aerospace based machining for $70 million with enormous contract with Boeing.

  • A joint venture was formed between Rangson and Schuster in 2014.

  • Hajaj started a machining shop in Bengaluru after partnering with Defsys

What do we do?

The Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FIICC) South India works steadily to a harbor and improve defence relations between India by acting as the link to enable more joint ventures between companies that help to fulfil Indo-Israeli Defence requirements.

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