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Employment Services

The FIICC recruit, hire and employ Indian resources for Israeli and Israeli-related customers. Currently, we have over 430 Indian employees working for multiple Israeli companies. We provide end-to-end service, from needs assessment through recruiting, employment, full logistics, and a legal umbrella to enable you to focus on running your business without worrying about the complications of employing overseas team members.

To start employing Indian resources


Over the past 30 years, India has become the global center for service delivery, from simple call centers to highly sophisticated financial processing. The combination of well-educated and English savvy workforce allowed both giants like IBM and EY as well as small and mid-sized companies to set up their global service delivery here. Till recently these benefits were not available for Israeli companies since high-quality service companies tend to require minimum team size which is above the need of most of the Israeli companies.


FIICC has developed a unique model which allows Israeli companies to leverage the benefits of the Indian workforce while starting with as little as one employee, growing at your own pace.





  1. Ability to leverage India’s vast educated, trained and experienced service talent pool.

  2. Augment your global team while keeping a low-cost base

  3. Hire as you grow – you can start with one employee and grow at your own pace

  4. No direct employment relationship

  5. Complete compliance with Indian employment regulations

  6. Full transparency of the cost – we share our full cost base with our customers



How does this work?


  1. The Customer defines the need to the Chamber

  2. Using leading recruitment agencies, The Chamber finds the perfect fit by understanding the customers’ need and converting them into the Indian employment market.

  3. Candidates are being remotely interviewed by the customer, which chooses the suitable one.

  4. Once the suitable candidate is chosen we sign him/her on an employment agreement, and he/she will start working for the customer remotely from the Indian office (See below office options).

  5. There will be no direct employment relation, as the chamber will be the employment entity to enact on behalf of the client.

  6. All the expenses payable to the employee will be rooted through the Chamber


Office options:

Our customers could select from the following options to place their employees:

  1. FIICC Offices (Open Space or Dedicated room).

  2. Shared working space (WeWork or CoWrks like)

  3. Dedicated office

  4. Work from Home


Together with our customer, we will choose the best office option



Sample Positions 

We focus on the entire services aspect of a global business. From marketing and SEO through sales assistance to business and technical support.


  • Data Entry Agent- Your customers need to know more about your service. Cost effective agent will ensure you lose no customer!

  • Sales /Lead generator- Your VP Sales is wasting his time qualifying leads instead of focusing on high yielding customers? Our lead qualification assistant will ensure your team talks only to the right customers

  • SEO/Digital marketing- Tired of young marketers who use you to jump to their next position? Experienced and talented digital media experts with excellent English are here for you.

Customer Testimonial

The FIICC has helped us create a strong service center in India under tight schedule to serve over 100,000 students globally, from Admission processes via Student Advising to back-office services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Mr. Rami, SVP Operations, Global Online Education Firm



We are a global technology provider in the online travel sector. The FIICC helped us build a strong Travel and Sales Support Center in India which serves the global market.

Mr. Darryl, CEO, Global Travel Technology Company


The FIICC has provided us with employment, legal, and logistics framework to employ our Indian team to better serve the Indian online advertisement market.

Ms. Revital, CFO, Global Web Marketing Company


I have been working with David and the FIICC for some time now and they have done a very good job in helping us find and employ a Sales Head in India who fits all our requirements.

Mr. Amir, Sales Manager, Global Food Packaging provider

To start employing Indian resources

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