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AgriTech and Water

Israeli Agritech & Water Industry

The Israeli Agritech and Water Industry are flourishing due to its extremely innovative and nurturing hi-tech ecosystem. Even though conditions have been less than ideal, the country has evolved into a thriving agricultural powerhouse with cutting-edge solutions. For instance, drip irrigation was invented in Israel and is now used throughout the world. As land and water resources dwindle because of climate change, the best minds in the country are working to combat these issues.

Agriculture in India

With agriculture remaining a mainstay for India’s rural population it is safe to say that more than 50% of the Indian population is into agriculture for their livelihood. Even though there are issues such as outdated equipment, improper infrastructure, and farmers unable to access a wider range of markets with ease, things are looking up. Technology such as data analytics, machine learning and satellite imaging, among others are helping farmers increase their output.

Indo Israeli Collaboration

The “Israel-India Bridge to Innovation” program has certainly opened a lot of new doors for the Agritech & Water Industry of these countries. Companies from Israel representing groundbreaking practices in the sector of healthcare, agriculture and water management will interact with different business houses from India. Take a look:

  • Amaizz – Came up with a portable drying device enabling dry storage of agricultural produce.

  • Biofeed - Developed a device to combat fruit flies.

  • AMS Technologies - Developed a system to filter industrial water.

FIICC & Profit Agro India

The challenge that Indian Agriculture faces is that though it is the largest source of income in the country, it is severely lacking in terms of development and technology. Successful collaboration with Israeli Agritech can resolve a lot of these issues and pave the way for a bright future. FIICC represents Profit Agro in India as a link between the Agritech & Water industry of both countries for better communication and execution of ideas and projects that can prove to be mutually beneficial to them.

Opportunities in India - Profit Agro

Profit Agro Ltd., a leading Israeli producer of Hydroponic Raft Systems, creates innovative systems combining agronomy with engineering to create smart and simple systems for the agricultural community. Profit Agro India is privately owned and operated by a high-level management team with extensive experience in design, agronomy, engineering and steel production.


We specialize in the integration of technologically advanced systems into the traditional ones on which they were raised. We supply smart systems for all crop types, keeping in mind hot and cold climates, from high tech to low tech solutions and the everchanging variables mother nature has to offer.


In India agriculture is the main source of income. But due to the usage of traditional agri methods, Indian Agritech lacks efficiency and is underdeveloped. Profit Agro introduces hydroponic solutions to solve the problems faced by India agriculture. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. 


  1. Adaptable to any level surface in any climate

  2. Clean and fresh crops instantly ready for packaging

  3. Needs only water and power

  4. Wide variety of crops

Market Advantages

  1. Smart and simple – easy to operate

  2. High-quality clean yields – dirt free

  3. Minimal input consumption

  4. Minimal to no pesticide use

  5. Year-round harvesting

  6. Quick return on investment (ROI)

Past Projects

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