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Senior Software Engineer C++

I.T. and Software

Role and Responsibility

  • You will work in large and complex code base.

  • You will demonstrate your strong C++ knowledge by implementing exciting new features or change existing one in scanner application.

  •  Demonstrate your creativity while improving performance of the code by improving algorithms, using parallelization or porting code to GPU.

  •  To solve creatively challenging algorithmic tasks to reach our goals. • Work closely with team leader, teammates and other teams members in order to reach joint goals

  •  Review new code of other team members and proactively discuss ideas, propose ways to improve situation significantly!


  • 10+ years of commercial development in C++, last 5 years C++ is main programming language.

  •  Strong C++ knowledge, both in practice and theory

  •  Proven experience of working with GIT, JIRA, Bitbucket/Gitlab/Github.

  •  Algorithmical or mathematical background, experience in the implementation of complex algorithms.

  • Good soft skills, optimistic mindset 

  • MS Degree or higher in Computer Science, or related fields (Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering)

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