Grievance Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism for individual Employees to raise a Grievance arising from their engagement with the Company. This policy will also ensure that such Grievances are dealt with promptly, fairly and in accordance with other related policies of the Company.



The policy aims to provide a resolution to any Grievance raised by an Employee of the Company assigned to the University of the People.



This policy is applicable to all Employees of the Company who are assigned to the University of the People.



For the purposes of this Policy, the following terms shall have the meaning attributed to them below unless the context clearly requires otherwise:


  1. Grievance: A Grievance is any type of problem, concern or complaint related to an Employee’s work or the work environment. A personal grievance can be about any act, behaviour, omission, situation or decision impacting on an​​ Employee that​​ the Employee thinks is unfair and unjustified.


A Grievance can relate to almost any aspect of engagement, for example:

  • Safety in the workplace

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Supervision

  • Work environment

  • Overall physical and mental health

  • An adverse change in employment condition

  1. Grievance Complaint: A Grievance Complaint is any complaint filed under this Policy.

  2. Employee: An Employee in this policy refers to any person engaged by the Company as an employee/consultant /apprentice.

  3. The Management: The management as per this policy refers to the management of India Operations for the University of the People (Anand Natarajan and Sabitha Nair)

  4. Reporting Manager: Reporting manager for the purpose of this document is the immediate supervisor of the Employee in the University of the People.

  5. The Company: The company in this policy refers to Vandey Consultancy Services Private Limited.

  6. Vandey MD/MD: Vandey MD/MD in the policy refers to the managing director of the Company.

  7. HR Manager: The HR Manager in this policy refers to the HR manager of the Company.

  8. Respondent: Respondent refers to the Employee of the Company against whom the allegations have been made.

  9. Minor Procedure: Grievance Procedures that are resolved through reporting manager and/or HR Manager are referred to as Minor Procedure.

  10. Severe Procedure: Grievance Procedures that involve Vandey MD are referred to as Severe Procedures in this policy.




Please follow the below reporting for different types of grievances arising during the employment.

  • Salary related grievance – All Employees are requested to share any grievance/concern relating to salary with the respective team at

  • Sexual harassment related grievances – All grievances which are relating to sexual harassment are to be referred to Vandey - Policy on Women Safety and POSH Policy.

  • Other grievances – For all other grievances relating to an Employee’s work or the work environment should use follow the below detailed procedure to address their grievance.






  • Report the Grievance to the Reporting Manager- If an Employee is facing any Grievance issues, the Employee should report the Grievance to his/her reporting manager and the manager would provide a resolution to the issue.


  • Report the Grievance to the HR Manager - If the Employee doesn’t feel comfortable talking to the Reporting Manager about the Grievance, or if the Employee feels his Grievance issue resolution was ineffective, the Employee should approach the HR Manager at to report this Grievance Complaint.  The HR manager would manage and resolve the issue.



  • In circumstances where the respective reporting manager and HR Manager is unable to resolve the Grievance Complaint, then the Grievance Complaint is reported to the Vandey MD.

  • In case of a Grievance Complaints which have legal implications, the MD further consults on the issue with the company’s legal advisors on the matter and the MD would provide appropriate resolutions.

  • In case of Grievance Complaints that do not have any legal implications, the decision would be at the discretion of the MD. The MD would consult with the management of University of the People on the issue when necessary and arrive at a decision.

  • Respondent shall have the right to receive a copy of the allegations made against him and respond to such allegations. The Company shall follow the principles of natural justice while handling the complaints.

  • If the Respondent is proven to have committed the Grievance he/she is being accused of, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The severity of each case will determine the type of disciplinary action.



  • The Reporting Manager/ HR Manager will endeavour to maintain confidentiality as far as possible. However, it may be necessary to speak with other Employees to determine what happened, to afford fairness to those against whom the complaint has been made and to resolve the Grievance.

  • All Employees who are involved in the Grievance are required to maintain confidentiality including the employee who lodges a complaint. If the person breaches the confidentiality, he/she may be disciplined.