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Guidelines for Employee Personal Data Security


This document is intended to outline the Guidelines to Vandey’s Customers, regarding the accessibility of VANDEY CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD’s employee data. Employees for the purpose are all who are deputed with Vandey’s Customer.


The guidelines here are applicable to all Vandey Customers.


  1. For Vandey customers -

  • The information allowed to be shared:

    1. Address.

    2. Education-related details.

    3. Salary.

    4. Employment contract.

    5. Aadhar number.

    6. Designation.

    7. Employee name.

  • Information NOT allowed to be shared -

    1. Bank details.

    2. Any previous employment documentation.

    3. PAN number.

  2. For Vandey’s customer external contractors:

  • Definition: a person employed by a third party but a Vandey’s customer individual contractor or who works solely for Vandey’s customer.

  • These contractors are allowed to be exposed to any information used by the Customer, yet they shall NOT share any private information whatsoever with their employers.

  • For example – if Joe Smith works for The University of the People as an “XYZ manager” but is employed via “ABC Employment Services Limited” in the US, Joe shall be exposed to all the information he should need as part of his role in The University Of the People, yet shall NOT share any  Vandey related information, including Vandey’s employees’ address, salary, promotions, etc, with his registered managers in “ABC Employment Services Limited”.

  3. For Vandey’s customers external vendors:

  • Definition: any third-party vendor providing services to Vandey’s customers. This includes IT providers, Legal firms, Insurance companies, Marketing Agencies, etc.

  • These vendors are not allowed to have access to any information unless approved in writing by Vandey.

  4. For Vandey’s customers regulatory bodies, within and outside the borders of India:

  • Definition: a public organization or government agency that is responsible for legally regulating the governance of The University of the People’s course of action.

  • These Bodies are NOT allowed to be exposed to any personal information used by the Customer unless upon Vandey’s approval.

  • It is defined that Vandey approves the University of the People sharing relevant professional information like Employee Name, Academic Degrees, Professional history, Publications, etc., with any academic accreditation body.


The said guidelines will be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure strict employee data privacy.

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