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Leave Application Guideline

This document will help you understand the detailing of Vandey’s guidelines for Internal Leave application and approval. The primary objective and emphasis of the framework is to manage internal employee’s leaves to track and continue smooth company operations without any hindrance at work.
Annual Leave:
1. Employees are eligible for an annual leave of Eighteen (18) days.
2. Planned leave should be informed to Mr. David/Reporting manager respectively, minimum a week in prior to ensure smooth ongoing of company operations.
Sick Leave:
1. An employee is eligible for 12 (twelve) days of sick leave per annum
2. Sick leave has to be taken in an emergency situation, the employee must make the best efforts to communicate with his/her immediate reporting manager and then to David on the first day of such leave and followed by the list of pending tasklist to be informed as well.
3. Any employee taking more than 3 days of sick leave should submit their supporting reports in the GreytHR portal while applying for the leaves.
Maternity Leave:
1. Eligible expecting women employees are entitled to maximum of 26 (twenty-six) weeks of paid maternity leave. Out of the 26 (twenty-six) weeks of maternity leave, up to 8 (eight) weeks may be availed before and including the date of delivery and the remaining may be availed after the date of delivery.
2. The employee must inform the Reporting manager about the maternity leave start date & end date one (1) month prior to the planned leaves and then same should be informed and approved by Mr. David.
3. The reporting manager then should ensure that the maternity leave details should be informed to the HR Team for their records and compliance purpose.
4. The employee is also responsible to apply for the maternity leave on the GreytHR portal in prior.

General guidelines:
1. For all the Leave Application request needs to be submitted on the GreytHR portal before or within 5th day after taking the leave or before taking the leave.
2. Employees have to keep the reporting manager informed in case of any extension of leave. An act of proceeding on leave without approval in writing will be treated as an act of misconduct and the employee will be liable to disciplinary action if deemed necessary.
3. Employees availing of leave must ensure proper handing over of tasks, which may need to be completed, followed up etc., in consultation with their respective Team manager.
4. Employees are not allowed to apply for leaves during their notice period unless in an emergency situation, only prior to approval from the Department head.
5. If an employee remains absent without approved leave or overstays without approval from the HOD for a period of seven (7) consecutive days or more, disciplinary action including termination from service, may be initiated against the employee by the Company. His/her salary shall be put on hold till he/she returns and informs the reason for such absence in a satisfactory way to his supervisor.
6. In case of leaves of the employee, reporting manager should ensure that the leave is being informed to all departments via WhatsApp or email to avoid confusions and unnecessary follow ups.
7. In case of planned leaves i.e., any celebrations, travels etc., employee shall inform the leaves in advance via email marking the reporting manager and the approving authority, Ritika and once it is approved by the reporting manager it should be applied on the GreytHR portal.
The below table to be followed while applying leaves:


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