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Process Purpose:

    The purpose of the employee offboarding process is to define how Vandey processes the separation /disassociation of the employees for a specific cause.

Process Scope:

    This process includes employee resignation, termination, absconding and providing them with the relieving letter, experience letter, and termination letter.

Process Input:

    The process input is receiving the separation details of the employee from the respective clients of Vandey.

Process Boundaries:

    This process includes receiving the separation details from THE UNIVERSITY as the input and ends with relieving the respective employee.

Process Flow:

    In case of resignation by the employee:

  1. HR manager receives the resignation details from the employee via email (directly or as

forwarded by THE UNIVERSITY).

  1. THE UNIVERSITY should share their inputs on the employee’s resignation.

  2. The employee should mandatorily serve the notice period as specified in their respective employment agreement before leaving.

  3. Vandey HR team then prepares the experience letter and relieving letter for the respective employee.

  4. Once the employee handovers the company’s assets, THE UNIVERSITY should confirm as no dues and within 2 days experience letter and relieving letter is being shared to the respective employee.



In case of termination of employment of an employee by Client:

  1. The HR manager will receive the reasons of termination from the authorized manager within THE UNIVERSITY team, as defined by them. The authorized manager will have a conversation with the employee to discuss professional issues leading to the termination.

  2. Then HR manager or the MD will approach the respective employee immediately and ask to resign from his/her duties.

  3.  If the employee resigns, the Company shall process the resignation following the process mentioned above.

If the employees fail to resign from their duties in 48 hours, the company could issue his/her

termination notice in writing by giving the notice period as mentioned as per his/her employment agreement.

  1. If the employee doesn’t respond to the notice given and has not returned the company assets, the company shall escalate to the legal team for legal action, and further shall be reflected in the relieving letter.


In case of an employee absconding.

  1. If an employee is not reporting to work for 3 consecutive days and has not informed his/her

managers and peers, the client will try to contact an employee after the first 2 days. If the client is unable to connect with the employee, the client will inform Vandey about the employee.

  1. Vandey will further try to contact the employee and if the employee is not responsive or reporting to work post 3 consecutive days, this is considered an employee absconding.

  2. A show cause notice seeking an explanation of his/her absence will be issued by Vandey to the Employee and a warning mail shall be sent to the employee by the company if not responding to calls or emails.

  3. If no response is received within 15 days of the warning mail, the company would take legal action by sending a legal notice and terminating the absconder’s employment without any servance after conducting an internal disciplinary inquiry.


In case of termination of an employee for misconduct or any other disciplinary reasons,

  1. A show cause notice seeking an explanation of his/her conduct will be issued by Vandey to the Employee within 24 hours and a warning mail shall be sent to the employee by the company if not respond to calls or emails.

  2. Vandey will proceed to conduct an internal disciplinary inquiry by following the principles of natural justice and thereafter, based on evidence submitted proceed to initiate action against such employee including termination of such employee.


Process Output : The output of this process is, to do the full and final settlement of the employee


  • Separation letters to employee resignation shall have 30 days as TAT.

  • Absconding cases 15days TAT.

  • Termination cases shall have 48 TAT.


  • The HR Manager coordinates and reports to the Managing Director.

  • THE UNIVERSITY coordinator will report the total list of resignation/termination by end of every month on or before 27th.


 Approval THE UNIVERSITY approval on the employee’s LWD and Managing Director approves on the separation letters.

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