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Process Purpose:

  The purpose of the employee onboarding process is to define how Vandey processes the onboarding of a new employee .

Process Scope:


   This process includes steps to be followed while onboarding of new employees, maintaining professional records of the new joinee (Details of joining) and updating the process status to the THE UNIVERSITY

Process Input:

   The process input is receiving the new joinee confirmation from THE UNIVERSITY to Vandey.

Process Boundaries:

   This process includes receiving the new joinee confirmation details from the THE UNIVERSITY as the input and ends with successfully onboarding the respective employee.

Process Flow:

  1. The Vandey, HR Department receives the new joinee confirmation from THE UNIVERSITY via email (directly or as forwarded by the hiring manager).

  2. THE UNIVERISTY shares the following details of the new joinee- Name, DOJ, Designation, roles & responsibilities, CTC and other benefits i.e Joining bonus, medical claim etc (if applicable)

  3. Following which, within 24 hours the new joinee link is being shared to the new joinee and should be filled by him/her within 3 working days.

  4. Once Vandey receives the filled form from the new joinee with complete details, accordingly within 2 working days offer letter is being prepared by the HR Team.

  5. After that the offer letter would be emailed to the THE UNIVERSITY for their review and final confirmation.

  6. Employment agreement is then released to the new joinee within 24 hours (post confirmation from THE UNIVERSITY) and should be signed by the candidate within 3 working days.

  7. After signing of the offer letter, it is being communicated to the THE UNIVERSITY and accordingly client arranges the IT kit and other arrangements.

   8. In case of any change in Date of joining, THE UNIVERSITY should update Vandey in prior to share the revised offer letter to the        new joinee.

   9. A reference check form is sent to the candidate, where he/she should fill the previous organization data for background                  verification check (If recruited by Vandey).

  10. Once the data is received from the candidate on his/her last working day of the previous

      Organization, the background verification check is done by Vandey.

  11. On the day of Onboarding, THE UNIVERSITY team should confirm their joining and accordingly Vandey will mark the status as            joined on the database.

Process Output : The output for this process is, employee successfully getting onboarded.


  • New joinee link to be filled within 3 working days or escalated to client.

  • Vandey to share the offer letter within 2 working days to client for confirmation.

  • Post confirmation, Vandey to share the offer letter to the new joinee within 24 hours.

  • Offer letter to be signed by the new joinee within 3 working days or escalated to THE UNIVERSITY.


  • The HR Manager of Vandey coordinates and reports to the Managing Director.

  • On or before 27th of every month, THE UNIVERSITY coordinator should share the list new joinees of the month to tally with Vandey database in order to avoid any mistakes.

 Approval     Client and Managing Director’s approval is a mandate.

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