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Yotam Agam joins the FIICC- Vice President of Media

Yotam Agam, a well-known music, and media Producer join the Federation of Indo Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FIICC). Yotam will join our management team as the Vice President of Media, FIICC.

Yotam is a renowned engineer, musician, and a surfer. For the past 17 years, Yotam has been a leading figure in Indian Media. Among his top works, Yotam was the key drive and head of music design for the “Laya project”, Joint performer and producer of “Business Class Refugees”, executive producer of the “Covelong Point” Surf, Music & Yoga Festival.

Yotam is considered among the world’s leading contemporary Indian music producers and enjoys wide network across the world of musicians, producers, and large media organizations.

“Yotam has been an inspiration to me, as well as being a dear friend,” said David Keynan, Vice Chairman of the FIICC.

“I am thrilled to join forces with the FIICC” said Mr. Agam.

“The Chamber should be the right home for any Indo-Israeli activities” he added.

We thank you for your wishes for Yotam’s joining and welcome you to direct any media opportunities to us.

Welcome Yotam!



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