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Vandey ESI Procedure

Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
The Employees State Insurance Act, ESI Act for short, was enacted by the Government of India in 1948. The major objective of the Act was to provide certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and injury, death (during employment) and for providing other benefits in relation to the main objectives. ELIGIBILITY:
Employees whose wages are up to Rs. 21,000 per month come under the ESI Act 1948. for multidimensional social security benefits.

ESI scheme is financed by contributions raised from employees covered under this scheme and their employers as a fixed percentage of wages.

Rates of contribution are as follows:

Screenshot 2022-11-29 110818.png

How can the employees and dependents be registered?
At the time of joining the insurable employment, an employee is required to fill in a Declaration Form (WIX Form). The forms are submitted by the employer to the ESIC office. The employee is handed over a permanent photo identity card (Pehchan Card) once its ready. A person once registered need not register again in case of change of employment. The same registration can be transferred from one place to the other.

How to avail the benefits?
To avail this, you need to visit any of the ESI empaneled hospitals. Cash Benefits: Employees or workers who are beneficiaries of the ESI scheme can avail cash benefits in the case of sickness, disablement (temporary/permanent), maternity, unemployment, dependent, funeral costs, and vocational and physical rehabilitation.

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